Might have uploaded this before, but I lost it… and found it!!

I love me some Winter-y things. I’m gonna tag this Basil because I like listening to it when I draw him eheh….

I changed my blog name.

This song is too catchy, it’s got a firm hold of me.

Me hearing and liking this song (thus trying to cover it) is all thanks to Aerendyll!!!! DAMMIT IT’S SUCH AN EAR WORM

but it’s only short because

I can’t sing that high………………. and the pitch doesn’t like my mic and on high notes I got these really creepy double voices

I’ll try again some day, and I’ll assure it will be better!!

I was listening to old covers, and I thought I’d re-do this because my first shot at it was super super super bad. I mean, really bad.

It’s not much better, but at least it’s not ear-curdling.

Is that even a word?


The Piano arrangement is by Verl (sm13313391)

I bought this game on Virtual Console because I’ve never owned a SNES (and now I own almost every single Zelda game ^q^) and goD HEARING THIS SONG MAKES ME SO ANGRY I’M STUCK IN THE DARK WORLD