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I feel really awful this new year. I think I finally mixed something half-correctly.

Might have uploaded this before, but I lost it… and found it!!

I love me some Winter-y things. I’m gonna tag this Basil because I like listening to it when I draw him eheh….

One of the only covers I’m proud of???? Until tomorrow morning that is ahahHAHAAHh

I won’t use my voice for another month ok peace out :^)

I dedicate this to Qina

I’m so sorry

P.S. I mixed this with headphones on by accident so it sounds awful without them

I changed my blog name.

This song is too catchy, it’s got a firm hold of me.

waoh woah woa h


Me hearing and liking this song (thus trying to cover it) is all thanks to Aerendyll!!!! DAMMIT IT’S SUCH AN EAR WORM

but it’s only short because

I can’t sing that high………………. and the pitch doesn’t like my mic and on high notes I got these really creepy double voices

I’ll try again some day, and I’ll assure it will be better!!

good drawing tune

(ps. Why does everyone hate Hope)

I was listening to old covers, and I thought I’d re-do this because my first shot at it was super super super bad. I mean, really bad.

It’s not much better, but at least it’s not ear-curdling.

Is that even a word?


The Piano arrangement is by Verl (sm13313391)

I bought this game on Virtual Console because I’ve never owned a SNES (and now I own almost every single Zelda game ^q^) and goD HEARING THIS SONG MAKES ME SO ANGRY I’M STUCK IN THE DARK WORLD


what a great thing to come home to

I haven’t heard this song in forever nnn

very good

I think I’ll put on my old Coldplay album when I do work tonight ahahha

I can’t help it I like this song

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